Winsford’s Trophy Haul 2015/16

Winsford Lawn Tennis Club received eight trophies during the 2016 SMC Presentation Day which was held in SeptemberĀ at Nantwich Tennis Club. The impressive trophy haul reflects the Club’s incredible success during the 2015/16 Winter and Spring Season, as well as the 2016 Summer Season. Congratulations to everyone that has played and supported the teams during this period! Details of the trophies we have claimed are included below.

  • Winter League Division 5 – won by Winsford A
  • Spring League Division 4 – won by Winsford A
  • Barbara Smith Memorial Trophy – knockout competition won by Winsford A in the Spring
  • Men’s Division 5 (Rob Haywood Memorial Trophy) – won by Winsford Men’s C
  • Men’s Division 4 – won by Winsford Men’s B
  • Men’s Division 2 – won by Winsford Men’s A
  • Mixed Division 2 (Graham Edmond Memorial Trophy) – won by Winsford Mixed A
  • Jane Astbury Memorial Trophy – doubles competition held during the SMC Presentation Day won by Alex Lerczak (from Winsford Lawn Tennis Club) and Ian Young (from Nantwich Tennis Club)

To see the photos of our Club and team members with the trophies, please see: 2015/16 Trophy Haul.