Amazing Generosity at Winsford Lawn Tennis Club

Winsford Lawn Tennis Club is extremely lucky to have such kind and generous supporters!

Jackie Penn has very generously decided to leave her tennis ball machine at the Club for people to practice with and enjoy. The machine is fantastic and includes both horizontal and vertical oscillation, as well as pre-set drills to emulate an actual rally. The amount of power and spin (topspin and backspin) of the balls fed from the machine can be adjusted, as well as the interval between balls fed. It can be operated by using the touch panel on the machine itself or by using the remote control that comes with it. The machine is battery powered, but can be plugged in directly to the Club if low on power.

Paul Johnson (Martin Stoilov’s housemate) also kindly donated £60 for the Club to purchase a speed measuring device for players to measure the speed of their serves and other shots. So far, the fastest recorded serves have been 115mph by Alex Lerczak, 95mph by Chris Mundie, and 91mph by Martin Stoilov. These numbers will undoubtedly increase over the coming months as we all strive to better ourselves!

All members are welcome to use both the ball machine and speed-measuring device which are located inside the club house. Please do be careful and considerate with these (especially with the ball machine which was very expensive!). If you would like to learn how to use them, please contact Alex Lerczak.

Winsford Lawn Tennis Club is extremely grateful to both Jackie and Paul, so thanks again!

To see photos of the devices, please see: Tennis Ball Machine and Speed Measuring Device.