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Rob Haywood Competition 2017

This year’s Rob Haywood competition took place during the Sunday afternoon of the 11th of June 2017 and was a great success with twelve entrants once again, with three matches being played simultaneously each round. Thanks to all of those who supported the annual event which is held in memory of the legendary Rob Haywood. I have fond memories of playing with Rob in my first few seasons at Winsford and helping him pick which of his three rackets he should use each match (rackets he had bought from a car boot sale for a total of around £3 or £4!). Such a character!

A big congratulations to Alex Toomes and Lewis Penn who were the competition’s first junior entrants, and they certainly held their own! Jackie Penn was our only female entrant this year, but she also proved her ability on the day! Thanks also go to Steve McCormack for organising the tournament’s format, and also to Steve Harris for bringing and manning the BBQ. Despite it being covered in cob webs and seeing the spiders running from the BBQ as he opened the lid, he still managed to cook us some well-done food.

This year’s entry fees for the competition were donated to Harry Johnson who will be running 5km and swimming 3.8km to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust. The Trust is supporting the Johnson family tremendously while Harry’s brother, Max, awaits a new heart. The Club misses you all and look forward to seeing you all back on court some time in the near future!

The winner of this year’s closely contested competition was Alex Lerczak, although he only beat Chris Knight by a single point! Ste McCormack also came third, but we all suspect that that had something to do with him organising who played with and against who each round…